PCB Design

Our team has deep experience in the PCB design process, from early breadboarding to prototyping to mass-manufacturing. Many of our client projects have required or benefited from custom PCBs designed in-house. We’ve built everything from simple lightswitches to complex microcontroller boards. Our PCB creations have been featured in high-exposure, mission-critical environments.

Whether you’re building a DIY prototyping board for hobbyists or looking for custom ethernet boards for industrial use, we’d to learn more and see where we can help!



Get in touch with us! We’d love to hear about your project and how we can help.


  • PCB Design: Our team has years of experience in designing and will carefully consider factors such as cost, component placement, power management, thermal issues, and more.

  • Schematics & Documentation: Delivery of all PCB documents including dimensional drawings, BOMs, placement files, schematic details, and Gerber file set.

  • Materials Sourcing: Generate a Bill of Materials (BOM) and source components from our established suppliers.

  • Firmware: Do you have firmware or a booter you’d like to preload? We can make sure boards come to you pre-installed with your firmware.

  • Manufacturing: We’ve cultivated strong relationships with our manufacturers and will ensure your boards arrive tested and ready-to-go!



  • Eagle

  • Altium

  • KiCad

Example Projects

  • Creation of custom ethernet RFID and MagLock boards for building security

  • Developing traffic counters for the Department of Transportation

  • Smart temperature control for Heated Glove

  • Chemical Reaction Control Systems for Universities

  • Drone Flight Control Modules