Edge Computing

You may have heard about Edge Computing, the latest buzzword that’s hyped to revolutionize IoT, but what does the term actually mean? We can pull back the curtain and help you navigate around marketing gimmicks and value for your business.

To us, Edge Computing is simply a decentralized architecture that moves computational resources closer to where the data is produced, instead of relying on a centralized server or cloud computing. For example, your sensor may generate vast amounts of data too expensive to send to the cloud — in this instance, it may make sense for the sensor to pre-process or pre-filter before transmitting. An Edge Computing framework can help you mitigate bandwidth and latency issues and reduce dependency on Cloud services.

We’ve been designing IoT systems with this type of architecture for years, before the term Edge Computing was coined. We’ve written specialized, low-level firmware that form distributed, decentralized computing networks. Our implementations have been tested in high-exposure, mission-critical environments.

If you’re considering an Edge Computing implementation for your IoT Project but are unsure where to start, feel free to drop us a message! We’re here to help you make sense of it all.



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  • Decentralized, Distributed Networks: Peer-to-peer or machine-to-machine communications, with no centralized agent orchestrating behavior. Connecting to the cloud is optional, meaning your project doesn’t die when your ISP goes down.

  • Low-Footprint Firmware: We’ve written specialized, low-level firmware to implement Edge Computing on cheap, economic microcontrollers with limited resources.

  • Data Processing: Implement statistical techniques, pattern recognition, signal processing, or even machine learning to process your data at the Edge.


Example Projects

  • Build a reliable IoT control system with no single points of failure or hub

  • Create vast sensor arrays and manage their data outputs without bogging down your networks or incurring time delays