We believe full automation is an incremental process which first requires a thorough understanding of the role humans play in your process. Use IoT to measure how human resources are allocated at each process stage. Gather data and create real-time feedback loops between the physical and the digital worlds. Iterate on this data to understand what processes can be automated and made more efficient.

At PalisadeLabs, we’ve built custom IoT Systems that help startups and established factories move toward full automation. Our past projects have included tracking human traffic on the manufacturing floor and measuring human asset utilization of specific assets. We offer an end to end experience developing custom hardware, sensing strategies, and data consumption to provide insights for your business.



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  • Interoperability: There are a lot of software platforms and data types out there. We’ve worked with a lot of them and make sure any solution is compatible with your existing systems.

  • Sensing Strategies: We’ve built sensing systems for motion, acoustic, vibration, photosensitive, infrared, ultrasonic, and more. We’ll work with you to figure out what types of sensors are best for your objective.

  • Architecture: Physical layers, communication protocols, data management — let us handle all of that for you.

  • Data Analysis: Develop algorithms for pattern-recognition, signal-processing, and statistical applications so we can uncover insights from your data.

  • Front-End Visualization: Create simple and easy-to-understand data visualizations.



  • PCB Design

  • Sensor Development

  • Enclosure Design

  • IoT Architecture

Example Projects

  • How much time are humans spending on manual tasks on the factory floor? Are there bottlenecks due to human elements?

  • What areas of the semiconductor fab are humans congregating in the most? Is my layout space-efficient for human activity?

  • How often is this machine used and what activities are performed on it? How can I better understand my ROI on an asset?