About Us

Palisade Labs is a Brooklyn-based consultancy focused on the Internet-of-Things and low-level computing. We provide hardware and software solutions to large corporations, small businesses, and startups of all industry types. Our team brings a depth of experience including full-stack software development, embedded systems design (PCB design & firmware), machine learning, and more.

Although officially founded in 2018, Palisade Labs’ origin was seeded years ago when the founding members first began collaborating on various projects. As a team, we’ve developed Edge Computing platforms, built real-time, distributed systems for businesses and factory floors, and tackled high-exposure projects such as Google Creative Lab’s Paper Signals.

Our specialties span engineering and project management, bringing prior experience from organizations such as Nanotronics, BlackRock, Smuckers, and NASA.


Meet the Team

Jacob Gray.jpg

Jacob Keith

Jacob brings extensive experience in full-stack development, software architecture, and machine learning. Before Palisade Labs, Jacob was Product Director at Nanotronics, where he juggled his roles writing computer vision algorithms for industrial process control, managing an engineering team spread across three states, and heading customer relations in Asia. He also previously conducted cryogenic research at NASA’s Marshall Flight Center.

Jacob speaks fluent Mandarin Chinese, slays at the violin, and enjoys studying weather patterns and predicting NYC snowfall in the next Nor’easter.


B.S., Materials Science & Engineering, 2013
Tau Beta Pi

Hobbies & Interests

Classical Music
Board Games

Dylan Gray.jpg

Dylan Fashbaugh

Dylan is the architect behind Palisade Labs and specializes in well… everything. With experience in firmware, hardware design, and computer architecture, he sits at the intersection of the physical and digital worlds. Prior to Palisade Labs, Dylan led Software Engineering at Nanotronics and focused on image processing and motion control algorithms. He is also a co-founder of Smooth Technology, a group of artist-engineers whose past clients have included Taylor Swift and Google.

Dylan is a serial inventor, speaks fluent byte code, and can do the Fourier transformation in his head. His brain-controlled guitar pedals won the entrepreneurship portion of Cornell and Intel’s National Systems Engineering Competition.


B.S., Computer Engineering, 2014
VP of Tau Beta Pi Ohio Kappa Chapter

Hobbies & Interests

Ubiquitous Connectivity
DIY Electronics
Building Stuff

Yenny Gray.jpg

Yenny Su

Yenny spends her time on front-end development and design, data analysis, and business development. Previously, she provided consulting and portfolio management services at BlackRock, where she conducted investment strategy and financial analyses for some of the world’s largest asset owners. In high school, she interned for two summers at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center.

Yenny enjoys backpacking, skiing, and climbing in the outdoors. She once spent half a year hiking from Mexico to Canada on the Pacific Crest Trail.


B.A., Financial Economics, Political Science, 2013
Cum Laude

Hobbies & Interests

Natural History
Rock Climbing
Long-Distance Backpacking