We are an Internet-of-Things consultancy

Hello World! We are a Brooklyn-based team that loves solving tangible problems at the intersection of the physical and digital worlds.

Our expertise starts at the edge of the internet — the sensors and devices that collect raw data from the physical world — and spans the back-ends and front-ends that allow humans to interface with that data.

Here’s just a small sample of things we can explore with you:

  • Deploy IoT solutions to understand your internal manufacturing processes, your customers, and asset flow in your logistics

  • Design, prototype, and launch products that involve connectivity

  • Help you navigate the manufacturing process with our domestic and/or overseas partners

Let’s start with what you need. We’ll handle the rest.




Industry City
Brooklyn, NY 11221


(404) 934-9485


Areas of Expertise


Many of our projects involve helping clients connect their devices via the Internet of Things (IoT). Our experienced team of consultants can help from early architecture design to prototyping to manufacturing.

PCB Design & Manufacturing

A little bit of bespoke PCB design can save you hundreds of dollars per unit, hundreds of hours of engineering time, and can transform installation from a nightmare into a piece of cake.


Elegant firmware is harder and harder to find these days, but we believe that it cannot be ignored in any quality IoT deployment. Quality firmware will reduce maintenance and hardware costs and keep your service running smoothly without interruption.


The physical sensor and device are only a small component of data acquisition. Our background in software development equips us to deliver complete work products - user interfaces, cloud services, etc.


Most of the time, it’s not sufficient to only collect data: you have to understand it in order to use it. Our tool set includes this data visibility and integration step. This way, you can focus on the hard part —transforming data insights into business action.

Full-Stack Embedded Architecture

Connecting the dots all the way from hardware design to software implementation takes an uncommon breadth of skills and expertise. Delivering this full service from start to finish is what we love to do.


Past Projects


Google Paper Signals

Collaborated with Google Creative Labs to create cute, origami robots that you can control with your voice.


Ohio Department of Transportation

Partnered with Ohio Department of Transportation to deliver cloud-connected traffic counters to accurately measure real-time, seasonal traffic load.